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Amphibian collapses increased malaria incidence in Central America
Thwaites Glacier: Hidden Rivers of Warm Water Threaten Vast Antarctic Glacier
The Last Four Bears Have Been Released From the Humiliating Performance at Hanoi Circus in Vietnam
Greece Wildfires: The Worst Ecological Disaster In Decades
Thousands Flee Fires Near Athens as Greece Endures its Worst Heatwave in 30 years
Dramatic Evacuations by Sea as Forest Fires Rage in Turkey and Italy
Canada: Driver Charged of Terrorism for Running Over a Family in Ontario ‘because they were Muslim’
Hoover Dam Reservoir Dips to Record Low, in Sign of Extreme Western U.S. Drought
Scientists Predict a Shortage of Drinking Water on Earth
American Researcher: The United States may have considered Russian and Chinese Drones as UFOs
The US government is getting serious about UFOs
The US Navy photographed & filmed “spherical” shaped UFOs & advanced transmedium vehicles
The False Promises of Carbon Capture Technologies to Reduce CO2 Emissions
Idaho lawmakers pass bill to kill 90% of state's wolf population
FAO: World Food Price Index Climbs in April, Highest Level in 7 years
Climate Change: World’s Glaciers Melting Faster Than Ever
IAEA confirms that Iran has started producing uranium enriched to a purity of 60%.
Corona extend the road to bridging the gender gap for over 135 years
Britain's Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, dies aged 99
Brazil's President Ignores Lockdown Calls to Contain the Pandemic