Preliminary results reveal blood Type "has immunity" against "Corona"


Initial results from a still existing study demonstrated that a blood group may contain some type of immunity against the emerging coronavirus.

Last April, 23andMe, the company that specializes in providing DNA analysis, contributed to providing information for scientists to study the role of the genes of some individuals in receiving Covid-19 infection caused by the virus, and the reasons behind some people with severe symptoms while others may suffer Some of the symptoms are less severe or may not show symptoms of the disease at all.

the company announced the preliminary results of the study, the day before yesterday, which included more than 750 thousand people, according to the American "Fox News" network.

"Initial data from the 23andME genetic study of Covid-19 disease appear to indicate the importance of the patient's blood type, which is determined by the ABO gene, and its role in influencing the virus," the company said in its blog.

In particular, the study stressed the blood type "O", and the ability of the owners of this group to deal with the virus to some extent, and the results indicated that the percentage of infection of the owners of this blood group is about 9 to 18 percent less compared to other blood types.

The company added that "these results are fixed with a number of variables such as age, gender, body mass index, ethnicity and associated diseases", and added, "It appears that there are a few differences in being affected by the disease between other blood types."

It also appears that there are some reports linking Covid-19 to blood clots and cardiovascular disease, "said Adam Otton, the study's lead researcher, for Bloomberg, adding that" these reports may give the ends of the thread to identify the relevant genes"

Auton stressed the need to collaborate in the scientific community to obtain the largest amount of genetic data that would assist in obtaining more accurate results.
Initial results are consistent with other studies looking at the relationship between the blood group and the role it plays in receiving corona infection and its effect on the body. A study published in China since last March stated that blood type "O" owners show greater susceptibility to tackling the virus, while it may threaten The virus is more the "A" group.

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