Ji Chang Wook and Kim You Jung as Stars of the new “Convenience Store Saet-Byeol” drama.


On January 29, the producers of the "Convenience Store Saet-Byeol" drama confirmed that Ji Chang-Wook and Kim You-Jung are the heroes of their upcoming work.

“Convenience Store Saet-Byeol” is a romantic drama adapted from Whipton with the same name, which tells the story of a love between a clumsy shop owner and a part-time worker.

Ji Chang Wook will play Choi Dae Hyun. A young man who is popular and handsome looking but has a clumsy side, he starts running a small store after leaving his job in a big company. Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung will play the harsh and twisted Jung-Site Jeong Sight, who is determined to leave her choppy past behind to start a new beginning. So she started working at Choi Dae Hyun's shop.

"Convenience Store Saet-Byeol" is expected to air in the fall of 2020.